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            We are Stronger Together fitness challenge

$20 gets you into ONE CONTEST (ADD $10 for any additional contest) 100% PROCEEDS HELP LOCAL RESTAURANTS. (comes with t-shirt, first come first serve)


    **** Percentage weight loss            

    ****Timed Burpees(1 minute)       

    ****Times Pushups(1 minute)

    ****Timed Plank Hold                       

    **** Timed Wall Sit


  (I can weigh you in at the gym or send me a picture of your weight with something                                                      acknowledging the date   ALL BEgINING   WEIGHTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED BY JANUARY 15, 2021)


  (Final weigh ins need to be submitted BEFORE FEBRUARY 12, 2021    8 am)


  (ALL timed events need to be submitted BEFORE February 12, can submit via

      txt 719-588-8158  or email your name, event, time (ex John                                                   Smith Plank 5 min) If you have a winning time you will need to send VIDEO PROOF if you are not in an inperson class so record yourself I will ask you for a video if you look like your a winner)

Contests duration: January 11- February 12


Age/ gender Categories: 

Male 49-under.         Male 50 - up.           

Female 49-under.    Female 50-up



 There will be 20 winners!  Local participants that win will get a Gift card to one of our great restaurants to celebrate their achievement, along with some swag.  (If your not local you can donate your card and win some cool swag) 


What your participation / sponsorship can do:

With 100% of the proceeds we are buying gift cards from many restaurants to give as prizes also our goal is to also help with some of January’s bills (utilities, rent, overhead) for as many of local restaurants we can, so the more participants, the more we can help!  Spread the word, get your friends and family to join in too... Lets get Stronger Together and set 2021 in the right direction!                                    



Please add your total for all events in which you are competing and donate that amount through the donation button, you are welcome to donate more if you wish, 100% proceeds go to local restaurants...AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR FORM YOU WILL SEE THE DONATE BUTTON TO ADD YOUR DONATION

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